Aligator Lacing

Alligator Lacing

Alligator lacing utilizes a design with teeth that enter parallel to the length of the belt and imbed clear through the belt carcass. The teeth are formed so that when they are driven into the belt, the vital longitudinal carcass fibers are not severed.

Bolt Solid Plate Fastner System

Bolt Solid Plate Fastener System

Strength of this fastener is derived from the compression of the plates, mounted above and below the belt, with high tensile strength bolts. this “compression” distributes the splice tension across the full width of each fastener plate. The holding ability is, thereby, increased by not solely relying upon the bolts to resist pull-out.


Clipper Lacing

Technical excellence and over 85 years of experience┬áhave resulted in the broadest range of standard hooks in the industry – over 800 sizes and configurations in 12 different metals.

Hinged Bolt Type Fasteners

Hinged Bolt Type Fastener System

Hinged bolt fasteners provide a flexible joint for belts operating over small pulleys. Because the joint is easily separated by simply removing the hinge pin, entire belt sections may be added or eliminated.

Staple Belt Fasteners

Staple Belt Fasteners

With the Ready Set Staple fastener system, an extended plate design separates the point of staple penetration from the line of belt flexing, thus eliminating splice fatiguing that results from sawing action at the point of attachment.

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